Monsters’ Den is a series with a history. Started in 2007, this web game spawned both Monsters’ Den: The Book of Dread and Monsters’ Den Chronicles. However, these were all browser titles. Now, developer Dan Stradwick is working on a downloadable entry in the series – Monsters’ Den: Godfall. This release should keep fans happy with all the same great tactical RPG combat they already know and love, but with the ability to expand into an even larger experience. That’s why he’s taken to Kickstarter to finish development on the title.


Let’s look at what Monsters’ Den: Godfall has to offer. This turn-based RPG has you manage a group of mercenaries, bringing up to four characters with you on dungeon runs. The world map is large and can be explored however you want, but be aware that travelling saps up your time. Once you discover a dungeon it’s time to fight through it in order to reap your rewards. Each dungeon is procedurally generated to keep things fresh. Along with this, dungeons might have modifiers. For example, if a dungeon has the “unholy” modifier then healing spells and items will be less efficient.


Why does this release require a Kickstarter campaign? The developer still has a lot of work to do getting their team to spruce up the product with more tilesets, sound effects, music, and artwork. Monsters’ Den: Godfall requires approximately $23,466 (converted from Australian dollars) to fund its release on PC and Mac. Here’s a link to the Steam Greenlight campaign if you’re inclined to upvote indies.

Track the progress of the Monsters’ Den: Godfall Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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