Are you down for playing a retro-inspired, drifting racing game? Do you think I’m talking about Drift Stage? Well, actually I’m not, as a new arcade-style racing game just hit Kickstarter this week by the name of Power Drive 2000. It fully embraces an 80s aesthetic in both its visuals, car design, and soundtrack just like that other Kickstarter project. It even includes a heavy focus on drifting. However, they’re very obviously different games. In the case of Power Drive 2000, you’ve got slick 3D visuals as opposed to a pixelated landscape. There are some other differences as well.


One of them is that your car isn’t just a vehicle to drive around in. It’s called “C.A.T.” and actually talks to you. Beyond that, there’s also a variety of modes presented which push beyond just racing. Collector Mode places the focus on grabbing little diamonds before the race ends. Outrun Mode forces players to dodge the police chopper on their tail, if possible. Other modes, such as Gauntlet, Turbo, and Vaporizor mix things up as well. Power Drive 2000 also promises the inclusion of online and local multiplayer access, as well as leaderboards.


It’s hard to deny the visual appeal of a racer like this one. Although they’ve not provided much information beyond these basic modes (and a listing of artists on the soundtrack), it doesn’t feel like a shoddy campaign because the initial trailer shows so much gameplay. Here’s a link to the Steam Greenlight campaign if you’d like to upvote it. Power Drive 2000 is aiming for launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Track the progress of the Power Drive 2000 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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