If you agree with the idea that there’s always room for more 2D platformers then chances are you’re a fan of the genre. So hey, why not check out this upcoming addition to the platforming realm via Portalnauts? And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the game Portal, though it might actually utilize portals. You see, there’s a whole crew of heroes (pulled from different universes) working together. Each can be chosen and controlled by the player separately, and each comes with their own unique abilities. So far only four heroes and one villain have been revealed, but the expectation is many more are coming to Portalnauts.


Here’s an example of the types of differences you should expect between characters. The Scientist comes equipped with a laser blaster and can change sizes to fit through small areas when no one else can. The Ninja, on the other hand, is capable of both climbing walls and jumping while already in the air. With each character providing something fundamentally different from the last it definitely sounds like Portalnauts will retain player interest longer than a blase platformer with only one mechanic. Of course, they’ve also got to ensure that one character doesn’t end up being totally overpowered or not integrated into level design.


You can try the game right now on Windows or Mac by downloading the demo. Then, if it seems like a game up your alley, you can take a step further and give it an upvote on Steam Greenlight. Portalnauts needs to raise approximately $14,040 on Kickstarter.

Track the progress of the Portalnauts Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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