Wow, here’s a roguelike with one heck of a unique concept. In We Happy Few, you are the citizen of a dystopian 1960s England where everyone is on drugs. These drugs, known as Joy, turn regular folks into blissfully happy, obedient beings. However, if they recognize that you’re not taking your Joy – that you’re a “Downer” then you’ll be in for quite the beating. So players must do their best to blend in or hide, though eventually they might need to give in and take some Joy themselves. Whether you die from an overdose, fail to escape the city before it collapses, or get ambushed by a mob, you’re going to have to start again.


Just like other roguelikes, players will be presented with another brand new cityscape upon the next challenging playthrough. We Happy Few emphasizes “hiding in plain sight” but sometimes there may be others out there willing to aid in your quest. The question is, how will you know, and is it really ever safe to reveal your Downer status? These concepts are all quite unique, and vastly different from Compulsion Games’ previous title Contrast. Well, one similarity is that these developers continue to prove their excellent sense of visual style.


Provided the word gets out about We Happy Few, there’s little reason to believe this strong pitch won’t be well-received. Of course, we’ll continue to monitor the campaign as it does have a steep goal of approximately $201,353 (converted from CAD). We Happy Few is confirmed for release on PC.

Trackk the progress of the We Happy Few Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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