Roguelikes have definitely become a bit of a saturated genre, but for fans such as myself it’s hard to really mind the absolutely wealth of potential games to play. Another one was just added into the mix and it’s called Reikon Dungeon by Alcapa Games. It’s a 3D real-time dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels as well as loot. Of course, it’s also meant to be quite a challenge to play through. As far as the visuals are concerned, they’ve got a real voxel flair, although some folks may not like that as much as pure pixel art or otherwise.


With all that said, at this point Reikon Dungeon doesn’t sound all that different from other genre mainstays. So what are the unique features? For one, players are able to craft their own skill combos as well as tweak character progression quite a bit to hone their build exactly as they see fit. The more interesting component to me, however, is that you can actually play as the monsters. Let’s say you’ve just defeated a dragon. You can then choose to assume control of this dragon yourself and tear through other enemies with your newfound reptilian powers. If executed properly, this whole rebirth system sounds like a ton of fun.


Developer Alcapa Games is asking for a sum of approximately $9,122 (converted from Pounds) to get Reikon Dungeon to the next stage. They intend to release it first on Steam Early Access as they’ve already been Greenlit. A Windows demo can be found by following this link.

Track the progress of the Reikon Dungeon Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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