Back in September of 2013 Project Phoenix, a mix of real-time strategy and JRPG gameplay, got funded to the tune of just over one million dollars (roughly 1000% funded). This campaign brought together several talented game developers from both Western and Eastern nations to work on this ambitious title. Almost two years later, after regularly updating their backers, Hiroaki Yura has confessed on what’s taking so long.

It’s not unheard of to see games delayed way past their “estimated delivery date”, and most backers are willing to wait for a finished product, but the latest update for Project Phoenix (released last week) can leave a rather bitter taste in one’s mouth. Hiroaki Yura stated that he had to take on a number of jobs during the week and only worked on the game during the evening and on weekends.

Project Phoenix

Generally, that information isn’t much of a concern as it’s something that can happen. The disturbing news, though, and one that some backers have commented on, is that he had to dip into his own personal funds to help with some commissioned pieces. Considering that Project Phoenix managed to get seven digits for development this does send up a bit of a red flag.

The other major piece of news in the update is that the writers for Project Phoenix have just started working on the story concept. With it being roughly 1 3/4 years after the end of the campaign it’s a bit jarring to hear that one of the main areas is just being started now. That said, they are committed to finishing the game even if it does mean a longer development cycle.

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