[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ave you ever considered what you would do in the zombie apocalypse? Of course you have! Well, Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition is a Zombie Survival ‘Simulation’ RPG that originally premiered at GenCon in 2010, and won several awards and achievements. In this game you’re able to simulate how your survival plan will ultimately fail when it’s pitted against hordes of the living dead.

Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition promises easy character creation by offering Template Characters, Trait Cards, Equipment Cards and a set of dice that will be available to play quick game sessions. Template Characters will make for an easy ‘jump-in’ game that will save you some time in creating your own. For the game master, they will have access to opponent cards, injury cards, mission cards, and location/stronghold cards, to save them time from creating their own material. Although Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition has a lot of cards, game masters are still encouraged to create their own scenarios and circumstances.


Another mechanic is the accumulation of a resource known as Survival Points and Risk. Players accumulate survival points by taking on and completing missions. The more dangerous the missions, scenarios, and actions, the more Risk they will accumulate. By spending  Risk the Game Master will be able to throw more powerful zombies into the mix, making every situation all the more dangerous.

To play Outbreak: Undead you’ll need to take one of the game’s most signature features, the SPEW-AI test. This test will give you accurate questions that will depict the type of person you are and what your stats would be translated into the game. Taking the SPEW-AI test will develop a character to represent and reflect YOU, which means you’ll be able to play as yourself in the game. The SPEW-AI includes insight from psychologists, social scientists, and others, and has been regarded as highly accurate and is completely free to take. Your character’s strengths and weaknesses will ultimately reflect that of your own. Those that have knowledge pertaining to firearms will give their characters in game a bonus to using firearms. The same can be said for any traits you can come up with that would be beneficial in the zombie apocalypse.

The Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition kit is a 160 page booklet that contains the full playable rules for 2nd Edition of Outbreak: Undead and will also serve as a pocket reference for players and game masters alike.


The original Outbreak: Undead doesn’t have a way to level up your character, gain experience points or have classes like many popular roleplaying games. Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition  however features a way to have your character grow in a more organic way known as ‘Gestalt Level.’

This feature known as ‘Gestalt Level’ is based on real life expertise, you can draw upon this to supplement corresponding character skills. Since a large basis of the game is you playing as yourself as a character, this game needs little preparing aside from some core rules.

Always remember – with basic survival needs, come dangerous amounts of the undead.

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