Imagine a twisted land of dreams and nightmares that are made manifest by pain and guilt by a tragic loss. A warped Wonderland if you will. Now take this idea and make it into a pixelated point-and-click adventure game inspired by the games of yesteryear. Now you’ve got the very basic plot of Charlotte’s Dream.

Charlotte's Dream

In Charlotte’s Dream you play as a young girl named Charlotte. She barely manages to survive a horrible car accident but her brother isn’t so lucky. She’s haunted by intense pangs of guilt and she finds herself trapped in her own nightmares as she struggles to deal with her loss. As she traverses this surreal landscape she has to face her fears and struggle to find acceptance and, hopefully, peace.

While Charlotte’s Dream takes a lot of inspiration from the classics of the 1990s it also tries to break from the mold. Robert Guiscard plans on incorporating a…crafting system of sorts as well as a “leveling system” utilizing some RPG elements. Whether this is similar to what Quest for Glory did or not remains to be seen.

Charlotte's Dream

Charlotte’s Dream also boasts a “stop time” effect, letting you do stuff while everything else around you is frozen. There will also be multiple endings and multiple solutions to all of the puzzles. Which makes replayability a factor not seen in many adventure games. A “color blind” system is also planned.


Charlotte’s Dream is a game that’s literally twenty years in the making. Robert started working on this title when he was only twelve and he’s aiming to finally finish it and release it to the public at large. Now that’s a passion project and one that I’d love to see funded. So, if you’re a fan of old-school adventure games then you should check this one out.

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