The Commandos series is pretty darn excellent. Starting with Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines in 1998 and followed by two numbered sequels, these tactical stealth games drew a huge fanbase. It only makes sense that folks would want to recapture the fun of playing with a brand new Commandos experience. Some developers have attempted as much by creating their own new franchises. Unfortunately, that’s not what the person running a Kickstarter titled “Commandos PC Game – REBOOT” is doing. Instead, they’re hoping to capitalize off Pyro Studios’ existing brand 100%.


Not only do they apparently expect to be given complete clearance to make the next literal Commandos game, but the campaign itself is also primarily about founding a team with which to do so… Even if a super legitimate campaign came about asking for members while funding, well, it might be a hard proposition for potential backers to swallow. As is, this unofficial Commandos reboot is primarily just setting off alarm bells. Then there’s the matter of a complete lack of video, barely any information in the description, and no acknowledgement of nay actual risks. Yep, that sounds about right for a campaign of this nature.


I want to reiterate that being inspired by games itself is awesome and honestly expected. Rarely do developers come out and create something that no one has ever imagined before. Heck, create a new RTS and call it something really close to but not exactly “Commandos!” In any case, even if this campaign isn’t pulled via a DMCA complaint it is simply not going to make that approximately $112,840 goal.

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