There’s some major news going on around Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity isometric RPG. By now you’ve had ample time to play through the core game, level up, and do some major questing. There will be some quality of life upgrades coming soon as well as an expansion.

The latest update for Pillars of Eternity is that there’s going to be an expansion for the game. Dubbed The White March, it’s going to be released in two parts. The first half doesn’t have a release date yet, but they promise that it’ll be soon. In addition to having a lot of new content to wade through it’ll also introduce two new companions to the roster.

Pillars of Eternity The White March

The first companion showcased is a monk called Zahua, a member of a clan known as the Tacan. He’s a follower of the martial order Nalpazca. These warrior-monks make up the bulk of the Tacan military. “Above all, he believes in suffering as the path to enlightenment, and nearly every inch of his body is covered in scars.”

The other companion that you can recruit in The White March expansion for Pillars of Eternity is a rather unique one. The Devil of Caroc is an automaton, a shell inhabited by the soul of a murderer. In life she was a trapper and her entire village was wiped out save for her. She pursues a relentless drive for vengeance on those who massacred everyone she knew and loved.

Finally, for those who aren’t interested in the Pillars of Eternity expansion there’ll be some freebie “quality of life” upgrades to the core game. There would be the inclusion of AI patterns for your companions. You can basically set them up on auto-pilot and let them attack on their own without having to micromanage. Other things to look forward to are improved stealth mechanics, and some useful upgrades for spellcasters.

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