Just a few months ago, the Kickstarter campaign for Quiplash succeeded. This newest title by Jackbox Games (You Don’t Know Jack) looked to take their classic party game concepts and bring them right into the modern era. The game itself is pretty simple. A prompt appears on screen and all players need to come up with the wittiest response possible, after which point, everyone else gets to vote for which response they like best. Playing in the game only requires a browser (so you can play via smartphone, tablet, or computer) which is far better than expecting someone to own four PS4 controllers.


Jackbox Games also took the extra step of ensuring that there is room for a downright massive audience. Thanks to their previous game Fibbage being a surprise streaming hit, they decided to allow up to 10,000 voters in Quiplash. It’s unlikely that most people will ever see that be the case with their games, but famous streamers will no doubt see some packed games. In any case, it apparently didn’t take that long to implement networking features like these as Quiplash is available right now!


And boy is it available on a whole host of devices. You can grab it on PC or Mac via Steam and the Humble Store. Or, you can nab it on Xbox One. Those who prefer Sony systems can purchase a copy on either PS4 or PS3. Since the game is Cross Buy, they’ll be able to play on either system. Heck, if you have an Amazon Fire TV you can even get it there. Quiplash costs $9.99 across all platforms.

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