Horror and comedy usually don’t mix well, unless you happen to be in a Bruce Campbell movie, but The Miskatonic takes on the Lovecraftian Mythos and adds a delightfully dark but humorous twist to the tales. And a lot of the characters, particularly Charlotte the newly appointed member of the campus staff, have their cute but demented perks. I’m particularly fond of Lizzy, the Dunwich horror, myself.

The Miskatonic

Anyway, the latest update for The Miskatonic reveals a new and updated version of the opening “cinematic” where Bob is interviewing her for her position in the school. As far as I’m aware the main difference is the inclusion of what the development team lovingly refers to as the “Big Red Chair”. Personally, I like the change, but I’m also as demented as most of the faculty there.

The Miskatonic

While you’re checking out the awesome screenshots in the update, don’t forget that you can follow their Tumblr feed to get more information on the game’s development.

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