It’s looking like a good number of crowdfunded games are finally seeing the light of day this Summer and the release date has just been announced for the sandbox space exploration game Interstellaria. Think of it as a sort of…FTL-like game. Or for us old timers a game that I used to love playing called SunDog. Which is why I backed it in the first place. I love these types of games and I’m obviously not the only one as it got funded almost twice over.


Anyway, the latest update for Interstellaria has just gone live and you’ll finally be able to play it by the end of the week. The date has been set for this Friday, June 17. They’re still working on hammering out the remaining bugs and putting the final spit and polish on the game before then. Once the countdown reaches zero you can claim your key and start exploring the galaxy. One pixel at a time.

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