The Girls Make Games initiative has just returned to Kickstarter to help fund a new video game. Developed by a team of middle schoolers who call themselves the “Team Who Must Not Be Named,” Interfectorem is a murder mystery tale. It all begins when Alis, an upcoming sheriff, simply goes out for the day while her sister stays home. Once Alis returns home she discovers that her sister was brutally murdered. Shocked and angered, she knows she must not rest until she finds the murderer and is able to stop their killing spree.



A prototype build of the game already exists (which is where these screenshots are from) and actually won Grand Prize at the 2nd Girls Make Games Demo Day, which is why it’s now on Kickstarter. Previous winner, The Hole Story, also came to Kickstarter and succeeded. If you’re curious, it’s also available on Steam. Both titles asked for the same degree of funding support on Kickstarter with a $10,000 goal. So far, Interfectorem has already amassed a small chunk of that and will hopefully accrue enough by the campaign’s end.


Of course, some may wish to know where the funding is going. The primary point of funding is to allow this team to get professional artists, musicians, etc to participate in bringing Interfectorem to life in the best way possible. It’s also meant to facilitate other development fees, though any funds left after all that stuff will go directly to the Team Who Must Not Be Named themselves. Interfectorem is planned for launch on the Google Play Store.

Track the progress of the Interfectorem Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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