Nova Blitz is an upcoming trading card game by Dragon Foundry and you may have heard of it before. If so, it’s likely because of the previous Kickstarter campaign that was run for the title in February to the tune of $80,000. In the end, they raised only around $13k before canceling their campaign. Finally, Nova Blitz is back with a redesigned pitch and an existing community. So far, they’ve already raised $10,000, and look poised to succeed at their lowered $40,000 goal easily. Why? Well, here’s the basics of the game.


The basic goal of Nova Blitz is much the same as in other card games – reduce the enemy’s life to zero. However, during the action phase, players can act simultaneously rather than waiting for the other person’s turn to play out. During this 20 second time span, you set up cards to attack, defend, and the like via secret commands. Then, the combat phase launches where both players see the results of their planning. Although the phrase “free to play” never appears to be uttered in the pitch, Nova Blitz is a F2P title which is doing its best to remain free of “pay to win” aspects.


For example, there will be daily rewards for players such as free packs of cards. Players will even be able to sell their cards between other members for credits if they wish. With that said, it appears events such as Constructed Leagues (where you fight until losing three games) appear to require payment for entry, but do result in hefty bonuses for each victory you take before losing. In any case, if you’d like to check Nova Blitz out for yourself then take the Windows or Mac alpha build for a spin.

Track the progress of the Nova Blitz Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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