Inbiker1 case you think you’re seeing things, no, Hotline Miami was not crowdfunded. However, in August 2014 a figure for Jacket received funding via Kickstarter to go into production. Now they’ve returned to the land of crowdfunding to create a Biker figure. The figure is 1/6th scale, or 12 inches, and has 15 points of articulation.

Biker comes with his signature motorcycle helmet, removable vest jacket and jeans, meat cleaver, throwing knives, and boots. And yes, you can take off his mask to reveal Biker’s face and brightly-colored hair in all its glory.

The version of Hotline Miami’s Biker on display in the campaign is a prototype version. The goal is to create a high quality figure which Hotline Miami fans will throw money at to get on their shelves. Considering they’ve almost reached the $55,000 goal already, it seems ESC Toy has succeeded in creating a very desirable new figure.


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