The MOBA scene is absolutely massive, and only growing larger by the day thanks to behemoth properties such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. As such, it only makes sense that we’ve seen a variety of takes on the genre hit Kickstarter. The latest of these is Order of Ancients, a game inspired by Footmen Frenzy for Warcraft 3. Now, I’ve never played that title before, but if you were a fan of that then it looks like you’ll be wanting to back this title by Inkhorn Games.


Order of Ancients is a mix of RTS and MOBA where players command armies of men against each other as well as a specific “hero” character. Players will clash against one another in arenas with these huge armies and, hopefully, emerge victorious thanks to a solid strategy and quick thinking. Work first began on the game back in 2014, and the team has continued to hit their stride up to this point. So, why have they hit up Kickstarter now? Simple, with the game fueled by their own pockets thus far, they’re in definite need of outside funding to push Order of Ancients from its “technical alpha” stage into beta, and finally full release. With that need (as well as a desire to remain free of traditional publishers) crowdfunding simply proved the best solution.


As with almost every other title in this realm, Order of Ancients will be free to play on PC and the designers are against the “pay to win” mentality. Interestingly, they are also opposed to a Steam release, believing that their product will stand well enough on its own akin to League of Legends. They’ve got over a month to go and $115,000 to raise.

Track the progress of the Order of Ancients Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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