As I continue to hear more about the poorly ran campaign for Super Action Squad (formerly Super Retro Squad, and recently changed to Operation Pyxel) the more I want to scream. The latest update for the controversial game isn’t quite as damning as the last one we covered, though. Jay Pavlina, the sole developer at Exploding Rabbit these days, has started developing another game with an outside team called JForce Games.  With the exception of the programming pretty much everything else is being worked on by this new group.  Where does that leave Super Action Squad?  Jay hints at that in his update:

We’re co-designing the game, and I’m able to reuse most of my previous work. I’m not going to say exactly what the project is right now, but it has many similarities to Super Retro Squad, and it is initially much smaller in scope.

This doesn’t sit well with me, but at least something is being worked on in exchange for the $53,509 backers put in over three years ago.  Which means that something could be coming out eventually. They do plan on releasing it on Steam Early Access when it’s ready, so it’s something to keep an eye on. For more on the continuously fishy development on Super Action Squad you can read through  our previous coverage.


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