It’s always best to cushion the blow of bad news with a few positive thoughts, and the makers of Witchmarsh seem to take this concept to heart. According to Inglenook’s latest update they are definitely, maybe, probably expecting a delay at all stages of the game: alpha, beta and release. So what does a Witchmarsh delay mean for backers and fans? They don’t really make that clear at all, other than closing out the update with a suggestion to, “Keep an eye on the updates for news about the delays.


They point to “RPG, AI and other tricky elements” as the main challenges that makes the delay sound inevitable. However, before they make that point, they share some fun updates and animated gifs for Witchmarsh which should help keep interest going. The first item shared is the fan-requested feature of combat pausing and command issuing. You can see that as work in progress below.

Witchmarsh Combat Commands
There may be a Witchmarsh delay but there are new things to see, like combat pausing and commands.

Inglebrook furthers the look at new gameplay with some images of new casting animations specific to their bard class and a demonstration of the latest revisions for ranged combat. The firearms example they give has the look and feel of Starbound, but with the added ability to target behind obstructions, allowing you to hit the back enemies in a row.

How do you feel about the likely Witchmarsh delay? Does it dampen your enthusiasm for the game at all?

James Schumacher

James Schumacher

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James Schumacher