Oftentimes, visual novels that hit Kickstarter (and are not published by Sekai Project) have a slow trickle of funding. Many succeed, of course, but not to outrageous excesses. Well, Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem proves that an indie studio can definitely make a huge splash on their first day. Within 24 hours the project was funded and by now it has raised the $3,000 goal multiple times over. How in the heck is this possible?


I’ll tell you right now — Azalyne Studios started work on the game in 2014, shared progress with Lemmasoft forum users, and even released a huge demo prior to the campaign. As such, they had a built in fanbase ready to jump once the Kickstarter went live. So, what is Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem actually about? You are one of seven political delegates sent to discuss hot topics with young people from other kingdoms. If things go well, perhaps the impending war will not come to pass. Fail in your political duties and every kingdom may unleash their full military power on the others. It’s up to you to play things out and see what happens.


There will be many choices in this visual novel, as well as the ability to sway your character’s political style and, of course, romances. In great news to fans of yuri, you’ll even be able to forge a romantic relationship with another woman. Of course, the more traditional otome route of selecting a hunky dude is also an option. Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem is totally funded (which will facilitate programming, a new GUI, and CGs) so feel free to check out the demo!

Track the progress of the Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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