Mobile gamers can finally get in on the horror phenomenon known as Neverending Nightmares. Only through Android, though. And only, it seems, because the game was being developed for the Ouya console. Matt Gilgenbach decided that since they already were working on a device that uses a similar kernel why not port to mobile devices that use it? Well, apparently it wasn’t as simple as he thought but they still pulled through and now you can play it on phones and tablets.

Neverending Nightmares

The update goes on to say that Apple devices will not be supported partially due to that company’s policies towards apps and partially because it might be too much of a drain on current resources. If there’s enough demand they might, though. Unfortunately, with Devastated Dreams not getting funded the future of Infinitap is uncertain. You can pick up Android port on the cheap right now via the latest Humble “PC & Android” bundle.

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