The sci-fi spoof of classic edutainment title Oregon Trail, Orion Trail, has finally entered Steam’s Early Access program and anyone who backed to get a look at the game before it fully releases should have their keys by now and can play whenever they want. Due to the pricing of the game on Steam the team has decided to send out keys to everyone who backed at $10 or more (instead of the $20 originally promised). Which is a great gesture on their part considering the huge difference. And anyone who has a Steam account can also pick it up and play as of yesterday.

Orion Trail

In addition to the announcement of Orion Trail going live (remember, this isn’t the final build) Schell Games also released the launch trailer for all to see the comedic glory that can only be rendered through retro pixelated graphics. So, watch the video, grab a Steam key, and head on off to the final frontier.

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