Explore the House, a parasite dimension of cities and secrets. A nonlinear exploration RPG for PC, packed with story and lore.” A House of Many Doors is just that, full of secrets; a labyrinth.

A 2D exploration RPG, A House of Many Doors has quite an in-depth story line, cities full of wonder, and many unique characters some of which are on your crew. As you travel through the house, one door at a time, you are met the occasional bandit, some friendly crews and the kicker, you drive a really cute machine called a Kinetopede. As you progress, you’ll get a map which makes travel easier along with the occasional note from a crew member letting you know if you are close to a city.


Personally, my only issue when I played was the battle sequence, but I just could not understand it. A House of Many Doors is still in development with a few kinks to work out, but it is a really interesting game and did I mention the artwork by Catherine Unger? Simply gorgeous.  Check out the Kickstarter before it ends on  October 2nd.

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