Welcome to the neighborhood, just another idyllic suburban town where everybody’s happy and friendly. Or is it? You just moved into a supposedly quiet neighborhood but things aren’t always what they appear. In Hello, Neighbor! it’s you against your fellow house owner across the way as you try to discover his secrets hidden behind locked doors. But don’t get caught because he’s not exactly happy to have visitors snooping around his abode.

Hello, Neighbor!

It’s not as easy as it sounds at first glance as your neighbor learns from your escapades through his home. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you don’t get to what’s in the basement. Don’t expect a warm welcome as he’s ever vigilant, eyeing you like a hawk. Sure, you can distract him but he’ll eventually discover what you’re doing and thwart it. The neighbor learns from your mistakes, so you need to be craftier than he is.

Hello, Neighbor! is essentially a survival puzzler for all intents and purposes. You get caught you die. Or at least thrown out of the house unceremoniously. You can try again but be wary of traps and barricades set up to keep you from attaining your ultimate goal of being the neighborhood’s snoop. That’s pretty much it. You dodge your neighbor and his deterrents, find a way through the basement door, and discover whatever it is that he’s so keen to keep you out.

Hello, Neighbor!

What I like the most about Hello, Neighbor! is the fact that your adversary learns and adapts, something that few games have managed to pull off successfully. If they’re able to make the antagonistic truly adaptable then this one might be worth trying out just to try to outsmart an artificial intelligence. At the very least it’s sure to keep your heart racing to the end.

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