It’s finally time to hit the stars as Orion Trail finally leaves Steam’s early access program and is released to the public in all its glory. While those who have backed the game or purchased it during the polishing up stage have been having a lot of fun sending our pixelated crew on a trek towards Orion those who’ve been waiting to get the more-or-less finished product don’t have to wait any longer.

Orion Trail

And, according to the update, as an added bonus for those who have been waiting you can pick it up on Steam for 30% off. Just for the next week or so. Then you’ve got to pay full price. So, if you’ve always wanted to mix up your Oregon Trail experience with a humorous twist on Star Trek then you can’t go wrong with Orion Trail. I’ve had it sitting in my Steam library ever since I got my code but I most definitely plan on playing it. Eventually.

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