All good things must come to an end, and Vysoko Anime Production will be concluding their Cyberpunk visual novel series with Invisible Apartment 3. Intended as a four part story, with the first three already released, this one will hopefully tie up all loose ends and finally see an end to Kacey’s running from Central Intelligence. For better or worse. Hopefully for the better. As I have gotten through the series I’ve started to really feel for her and Alex and want to see them have a happy ending. With or without each other. You can read our previous coverage to get an idea on what to expect with the finale.

Invisible Apartment 3

Invisible Apartment 3 will take place sometime after the second (or would that be third?) game as both of our protagonists find themselves without a safe house and on the run. They need to make as many allies as they can in order to finally break free, and possibly reach their goal of taking on CI once and for all. They’ll be forced into places where they’re safe from the all seeing eye, whether that’s in the real world or not. There will be plenty of symbolism involved in this one, much more so than in previous iterations, involving virtual reality and delving into others’ subconscious. How that works is beyond me but probably involves those sleeper tanks we’ve seen before.

Invisible Apartment 3

I’ve really enjoyed the other games in the series (although I still have yet to play Zero), and if they’re any indication Invisible Apartment 3 will be quite a fitting end to the struggles of our young hacker. However it ends I know it will be a satisfying conclusion and one that I look forward to seeing. They’re only asking for roughly $2700 (converted from Euros), which shouldn’t be too hard to reach in three weeks time.

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