Podcast X Zone is (thus far) an annual staple of the GX convention. For the past three years, a variety of indie podcasters have gotten together and created quite a fun look behind the microphone for curious fans and podcast creators as well. This year’s theme was focused around the impact of podcasters and why their voices are important.

I’ll admit, the biggest reason I went to the Podcast X Zone panel last and this year is due to the fact that I’m a personal fan of the podcast Orange Lounge Radio (and two of the show’s host – Rob and Jamie) were panelists. With that said, those who aren’t necessarily fans of that show — or any of the represented gaming podcasts could have still had fun at the panel. In fact, I think it would have been quite the interesting listen for folks who are into any podcast at all as the panelists spoke on more general topics than folks might have expected.

This all relates to the theme this time around which gave podcasters a chance to reflect on their audiences as well as themselves. For example, one question posed asked if their opinions have ever changed due to interactivity with fans or other show hosts. As it turns out, the whole panel was basically in agreement that evolution of opinions most definitely happens on podcasts. It’s something one should own rather than feel bad about.

The group offered a variety of advice to would-be podcasters as well. Sure, some was a bit tongue in cheek, but most of it hit the mark exactly. As corny as it sounds, the “just do yourself” mantra was repeated numerous times. After all, “faking” it can only get you so far before burning yourself out. Although most of their chatter and recommendations related to games specifically, there was certainly potential for folks interested in non-gaming podcasts to learn something through Podcast X Zone attendance.

Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? Heck, are you already on a podcast as a regular guest or main member? Either of these audiences should definitely take a look at the panel once it gets posted to Youtube. Then there’s the audience of people who have never listened to a podcast before… Well, I feel in that case the panel might not make quite as much sense. Sure, you don’t need to know each of the shows the panelists host to get a kick out of it. Still, the event did require some background knowledge of what a podcast is as well as awareness on how podcasts interact with their listeners.

All in all, it was another great year for Podcast X Zone. If there is a GX4 down the road I 100% expect to see another round of this ongoing series (and of course, I’ll be in attendance!).

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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