The saga of AJ Tilley continues, but this time the bad news is something outside of his control. The main developer for Beach Bounce, Yume no Mikata, went silent sometime after the release of part two a couple months back and it turns out that they are unable to continue due to personal reasons. Reasons that have not been stated and I respect the privacy of the individual involved. Suffice it to say that there will be some major changes to the ongoing development of the title. Most notably about a month or two delay.

Beach Bounce

If you’ve been following the development of Beach Bounce you’ll know that the game has been divided into three chapters with the first two already released. Unfortunately, with the original writer gone they’ve decided to bring in another person to fill the void that they can trust. According to the latest backer-only update, and corroborated by AJ Tilley’s forum post regarding these changes, it was either this or try to continue on without Yume no Mikata. They decided that starting from scratch was the best course of action. This does mean redoing all of the story but any and all art and music assets already finished will be reused meaning that only the script needs to be redone.

Beach Bounce

With an estimated release date of sometime in January the forum post continues to say that this will be the definitive cut that they had originally planned when setting out with the game. Beach Bounce will be released in full once it’s ready with a reworked script. Hopefully this time around they’ll have filled in all of the plot holes and jumping around that really frustrated me. If this new writer is as good as they’re implying they are then this might just be a saving grace for the game. After all, I enjoyed the look of the game but the story fell very much flat.

At the very least they learned their lesson and won’t be doing any more episodic games.

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