With 27 days to go I’m not feeling so hopeful about Starmetal’s success on Kickstarter. It currently has 12 backers and only 357 Euro out of the 18,000 it needs. It is early though, and still too soon to be calling a death knell for sure.

Starmetal is an arcade style shooter where you control a tiny ship that has to blast through endless enemies. It is a vertical scroller and oddly reminds me of a more advanced Space Invaders, and lists Tyrian and Raptor as inspiration. It is meant to be 3D however from what I can tell the player only operates on one plain and can’t dive or rise above enemies. The developer boasts that the game will feature upgradeable ships and loot drops.


I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the game just doesn’t seem exciting to me. I think this might be why it is not getting that much funding at the moment. It may just be the wording of the Kickstarter or the fact that similar games already exist, but I don’t feel wowed when I read about it. The game has not been greenlit on Steam yet and I think it might be a little premature for it to have hit Kickstarter.

Perhaps I am being over critical of the Kickstarter, I actually think that the environments they have on display for Starmetal are excellent. Starmetal is in its Alpha stage at the moment and the funding is supposedly mainly for testing and asset building. When I read that I had to wonder why the goal was so high if so much is done. I personally don’t think this Kickstarter will succeed and I don’t believe that is would require 18,000 Euro to finish it.

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know what you think.

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