After not hearing from Rick Myers, the creator of Hero and Monster Girl Quest 3d, since July, an update was finally posted in December. The purpose of this update was simply to tell backers that the project was going to be stalled due to events in his personal life. According to the new update, due to a fire damaging his house and his wife’s worsening illness, he’s been left with little to no time to work on the game.

Hero and Monster Girl Quest 3d are technically two separate titles that have been combined into one campaign. For a project that’s been going on nearly three years, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of significant progress. Some of the past updates for Hero have talked about fine-tuning animation and lighting, but only a “Half-Demo” has been released. I’m as sympathetic as the next person, but I can’t help but feel like Myers has bitten off more than he can chew, and I’m not too sure if he has the time management necessary for the sort of project he envisioned. His other two attempts at funding a game through Kickstarter, Origin and Origin: The Flood is Coming, were both unsuccessful, with the first only making seven percent of its goal. I can understand wanting to make the best game possible, but in this case, down-scaling probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea.


So what’s in store for the future of Hero? According to the update, Myers refuses to let the project die. He’s said this in past updates, and since he’s still working on it, he’s kept his word so far. He also said there might not be a new update until Spring, which hopefully means there will be an update then. But with the way this project is going, backers don’t have much to do but wait and see.

Megan Myrick
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Megan Myrick