No, it’s not the sequel to Gunstar Heroes, but rather an excellent looking new Kickstarter game. Invisigun Heroes is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a multiplayer arena shooter where everyone’s invisible.

You may be wondering how anyone can possibly play the game if no one can see themselves. You become visible the moment you attack or use a special ability. There are also environmental indicators that’ll give your position away, like leaving footprints in snow.


At launch there will be a staggering 50 different maps, as well as 8 different player characters with their own special abilities. That’s more variety than you get from most AAA games, and Invisigun Heroes is being developed by only three people. You won’t have to worry about developer experience in this case, as project lead Shadi Muklashy has 15 years of experience as a programmer, UI designer, and sound designer.


It looks and sounds a lot like Towerfall, in terms of gameplay and general presentation. That’s not a bad thing though. What Invisigun Heroes has over Towerfall at least is online multiplayer, which is a big reason the game is on Kickstarter. The developer wants to nail the online component, just as much as the local multiplayer.


At time of writing, Invisigun Heroes has already raked in over $8,441 of its $32,000 goal. The Kickstarter page is professionally set up, the initial pitch videos is funny and informative (unlike this article), and the developer has suitable experience. I don’t see any way this campaign can fail.

Track the progress of the Invisigun Heroes Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.


Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths