On My Own has a new update, announcing the release date for the game. After a year in development, backers won’t have to wait too much longer to play the wilderness survival adventure.on my own

The new launch trailer was also included in the release announcement update and shows the pixel protagonist traveling through the environment and shows off how the four seasons factor into gameplay pretty well as he struggles against what looks like a blizzard. Also in this trailer was a look at how items can be combined to make a fishing pole. I’m wondering what other creative ways you can build tools for survival.

The current release date for the Steam version is set for just a few weeks away- February 26 of this year. The dates for the iOS and Android releases haven’t been announced yet, but the developers say that they’ll follow not too long after the Steam release. An Xbox One version of On My Own is also being worked on, but it’ll probably be a while before we see that.

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