Metroidvania’s have been ever popular since their inception, and they’ve found a nice niche for themselves in the indie world of Kickstarter. Stray looks to join those ranks, a 2D space platformer/explore them up starring a little orange cat.


Stray is exactly what you’d expect after hearing the phrases “2D Metroidvania” and “16 bit art.” You play as a nameless cat whose job is to pilot a cargo ship around the galaxy. While on a job, your ship is mysteriously sent off course into the far reaches of space. On your journey to get back home and discover why you were sent off course, you’ll be fighting waves of aliens and robots.

The Kickstarter page is as simple and straightforward as the game. There’s stuff about the story, gameplay, and stretch goals, and the usual stuff. It’s an understated page, that’s fur sure. I apologize to everyone for that joke.


A lot of the game is shown off in the Kickstarter video, and it’s already available for voting on Steam Greenlight. It makes the $10,000 goal seem a bit much, especially considering the developer does say what the money is for, or who they even are.

Jon is “an indie game developer launching my first project.” That’s all you have to go on about who the developer is. I’m not saying you have to have thirty years’ experience in the industry, but if you want ten grand, you’re going to tell us a bit more about yourself than that.


Still, Stray looks fun, and a lot of the ground work seems to be in place, if the trailer is anything to go by. This looks to be another case of “if you’re willing to take the added risk, go for it.” Here’s hoping the developers don’t cough up a fur ball. Yes.

Track the progress of the Stray Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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