A crowdfunded MMORPG is a bit like a unicorn. Everyone has heard of one, but nobody really expects to see one in the wild. With a new update, The Phoenix Project – City of Titans, might just be on its way towards earning its horn.

Funded for the titanic amount of $678,189 back in 2013, City of Titans has been making constant updates, if slow progress over the past 3 years. The majority of the backer updates have been detailed lore to help build the world. While backers have shown appreciation for those, they’ve been waiting to see something a bit more concrete in terms of development, and the new character creator teaser seems to deliver at least part of that.


Still very bare bones, the new trailer shows the first packaged build of the game. Previously all videos were made from within the Unreal Engine editor. So for the first time backers are getting a look at the launch screen, menus, and all of the fully functional character creation sliders. Having some idea of just how much coding and work must have gone into this makes the trailer rather impressive, but unfortunately, it also highlights just how far City of Titans still has to go before a beta release.


Hair, costumes, and a whole host of other variables that make a superhero game feel heroic are still missing, or at least not working as intended. That’s not to say that Missing Worlds Media isn’t doing a fantastic job, but it does seem like it will still be quite awhile before The Phoenix Project – City of Titans will be available to the over 5,000 backers who helped breath life into the game.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller