Gunkatana has the most adrenalin-rush-inducing trailer I have ever come across on Kickstarter. It’s a super fast slice and dice game where you have to fight to survive in a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk world. The future is bleak and the only way to survive is to slice your way through, but there must be more to life? You pick a character and take down an evil corporation / government while soaked in blood and neon. Are you excited yet? (This was the point I emptied my wallet onto the laptop shouting “shut up and take my money” fervently) Its Kickstarter goal is £40K and it has a demo available.


Neon-drenched, blood-soaked, and simply glorious.

Gunkatana has already been in development for a while and made its tours. It made a good impression at GameCity 2015 and already received praise from the media for it’s fast paced skill based combat. You can really see the influence of Hotline Miami but at the same time, it is very different. The levels have things that the characters can interact with like rails and windows and conveyor belts. I’ll be honest, violent bloody games aren’t usually high up on my playlist, but Gunkatana’s brutal but cartoon violence drew me in. It’s already been Greenlit on Steam which I always count as a plus when considering backing a game.


The music for this game is pretty banging too

Gunkatana will have multiple characters, a story mode and a local multiplay with games. Players will also be able to co-op on story mode which I think is a neat idea. All in all the game just looks like it could be fun, addictive and replayable. It’s slated to be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a possibility of reaching consoles. Personally having this on my Vita would make my day (I’d much rather play something this intense on a handheld than on a keypad). What do you think of this bloody-neon drenched game? Comment down below and don’t forget to share.

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