One of the most dark and disturbing sci-fi horror games to come out in recent years was the very much well-received crowdfunded adventure game Stasis. And, despite its isometric angles (I’ve never been much of a fan of this style of play) I loved playing through the game and its dark and depressing view of where our future can go with corrupt corporations and human greed. Which is why I’m equally looking forward to seeing the stand-alone DLC for the game, Cayne, release whenever it’s ready for public consumption. The latest update for the Kickstarter goes over the current state of development as well as some future surprises after the expansion of sorts releases.

Stasis Cayne

The first issue of business in the update is, of course, about the new content being developed for Stasis. As mentioned, this is a stand-alone expansion that is purely self-contained and you don’t need to play the base game to know what’s going on. That said, I’m sure if you’re familiar with the story you’ll find more to enjoy second time around. Development seems to be going at a steady pace and a lot of the assets are either being finished up or are ready to put into the new engine built specifically for the new story. Which, it seems, they’re planning on using for future games once this one wraps up.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that the next project is planned to be crowdfunded as well. They don’t go into any detail about what it is, but I got the feeling that Cayne will be the next stepping stone towards showing off what they can do. Which, if Stasis is anything to go by, I’ll most likely be there day one. Especially if it’s in a genre, both gamewise and storywise, that I enjoy. While we wait, you can check out our previous coverage which made this our game of the month a while back.

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