To paraphrase Danny O’Dwyer from Gamespot, “The word MOBA is like mustard. There are no in-betweens; you either love it or you hate it.” I’m betting that Mech Wars, a post-apocalyptic, uh, MOBA, is going to be equally divisive. The single and multiplayer game with an emphasis on its thorough crafting mechanics is being currently developed by HAN studios, which previously released ATAK helicopter for Android and iOS.


Mech Wars’ story is wishy-washy; it’s your typical post-apocalyptic premise centered on a gigantic “MECH” war, the mechs, of course, being high-tech weaponry with a myriad of customization options. But it’s those customization options listed in the Kickstarter that really grab your attention and that are undoubtedly the crux of the gameplay. In the overview, stats, weapons, tools, and even types of Mechs are covered—light, medium, and heavy—there are even a few blurbs on combining different enhancements to make a monster Mech. Reading all that, I can’t help but be reminded of my first custom-built PC.


There will be Mech wars, of course, in classic MOBA fashion, where you attempt to conquer “factories”, which are in turn “defended by neutral guard towers and units.” All that chaos and destruction ties in inevitably with points, which can be used to upgrade your Mech.

I like that Mech Wars has a single-player mode with a “huge” campaign that is inextricably linked to the multiplayer mode, so that you can experience the best of both worlds without compromise. But like I said at the beginning, a game like Mech Wars is bound to be polarizing, some are going to love it while others will hate it. I’m still counting on it reaching its €15,000 goal, though. You can track Mech Wars’ Kickstarter progress in our Campaign Calendar.


Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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Felix Wong