It’s always a sad day when you get the news that something that you’ve spent countless hours with is being shut down. And in the case of Pinkerton Road’s forums this is indeed a somber occasion not just for me but for so many other people. While I will be talking about my own experiences with the company behind Moebius and Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary in a longer retrospective, here I want to talk about the company itself. And to learn more about the move I reached out to co-founder Robert Holmes.

Unfortunately, reception of [Moebius and Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary] were less than stellar

For those that have been following Pinkerton Road since its inception in 2012 this was the return of Jane Jensen to adventure game development via Kickstarter. And with it came the funding of a new studio and development of not one but two games. Unfortunately, reception of these titles were less than stellar and due to pretty much lackluster sales and reviews they’ve decided to shut down as much unnecessary Web resources as possible. Which includes the forums. Those of us who had access to the special backer-only forum know that certain aspects of development were, for lack of a better term, heated. Pretty much dividing the fanbase.

Pinkerton Road

When I asked Robert what the future holds for Pinkerton Road, he had this to say: “We will retain the Pinkerton Road brand as a platform for other potential creative activities in the future.” Which means that the company isn’t closing but it doesn’t sound like there’s any plans for future games. In any event, at least for the foreseeable future Jane will be focusing on her writing and Robert on his music. The forum post announcing this also points out that despite the closing of the forums you can still follow them via social media or keep the discussion going in the Phoenix Online forums.

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