Joseph Fidler has a problem. He’s an aspiring game developer, but the laptop that he’s been using to make his game met it’s unfortunate demise with a little help from his dog and some Mountain Dew. For some reason Fidler decided this would be a golden opportunity to create a Kickstarter for his project, or at least part of his project. Kinda.


Rather then try to sell backers on the merits of whatever game he is trying to create, Fidler opted for the unique approach of asking people to pay for his new laptop, which he totally promises to use to continue making his game, for real you guys.

Want more information about the game? Too bad! No, seriously he’s included some “screenshots” and vaguely alludes to the game being “rouge-like,” but the rest he has chosen to leave to our imaginations. Based on the hot mess he’s passing off as a screenshot, it might have been better to leave more to our imaginations.


Backer rewards include hand-signed thank you cards and the exciting opportunity to help Fidler make his game. Pledging in the highest tier grants access to “the latest and most broken code,” along with help from Fidler in setting up your system with “perquisites.”

Expect this charade to be suspended soon, since using backer funding to buy yourself a sweet rig which may or may not eventually be used to make an unnamed product is technically against Kickstarter’s rules. Still, it takes some balls to go up against legit games that can’t meet their funding goals with only a few lines of code and a sob story about Mountain Dew.

If the Kickstarter doesn’t work out, he still has his GoFundMe page.

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Joanna Mueller

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