Video games have the power to make you laugh. To make you cry. To make you think. To make you feel. For many individuals, it also gives them the freedom to explore places they’ve never been, to be people they’ve never been able to be, and to live the lives they’ve always wanted to live. Video game developers have the opportunity to profoundly affect people from all walks of life, and studio Arconyx, led by Kenny Roy, plans to do exactly that with their upcoming game, I, Hope.


I, Hope is a game about a girl who takes on a dangerous creature, Cancer, to save her village. It’s a game with beautiful, sprawling vistas fleshed out by a full service animation studio in Los Angeles, Arconyx. Arconyx recently made the transition to game development solely with a philanthropic purpose, and with I, Hope, they are planning to give 100% of the proceeds to GameChanger Charity—a nonprofit [organization that] benefits sick kids and the environment by using proceeds from the resale of donated materials to financially support children and families suffering from cancer. All of the profits from I, Hope will go directly to “supporting children with life threatening illnesses and their families.”

ihope3Arconyx is planning to stream development on Twitch five days a week, (although I have to mention that when I opened up their latest stream Kenny Roy was playing the Overwatch Beta), and I’m still waiting to see a more thorough description of the actual gameplay posted on the Kickstarter page. Acronyx is asking for $24,550 to “make [their] dream a reality….and give the less fortunate a reason to hope.”

Track the progress of the I, Hope Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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