Pirates of the Polygon Sea is an upcoming action adventure game being developed by Praxia Entertainment where you can realize your dream of being a nasty, swashbuckling pirate as you trade with, loot, and plunder other ships around you. As the title suggests, it’s got that 90’s polygon-shell style, which makes it unique from other top-down action-based games on the market. And of course, you sail around in a pirate ship, instead of controlling a Mech or commanding a spaceship, two vehicles I’ve seen plenty enough of in Kickstarter projects lately.

piratesofthepolygonsea2 There are plenty of weapon choices to employ while engaging in chaotic sea warfare—from broadside cannons to flaming barrels of oil—and you can choose to board enemy vessels as well (I certainly will). Environmental features such as storms, waves, vortexes and other dynamic weather effects will also be implemented into the game. Monsters will also be plentiful, and you’ll obviously have to ward those off as well: mermaids, whales, gargantuan kraken and the like. And not only can you sail solo, you can take on the raging seas with a few friends or engage in large PVP battles with other pirates out in the world.


But what I find most intriguing about Pirates of the Polygon Sea is what happens on shore. You’ll have to opportunity to build your own town into a “bustling sea port, constructing docks, marketplaces, shipwrights, etc.” I didn’t see much of that in the trailer, so I’m hoping Praxia will add a video or two sometime in the next couple of weeks describing town-building in further detail. Pirates of the Polygon Sea has raised over $6,400 of the $40,000 it’s asking for, with over three weeks left in the campaign.piratesofthepolygonsea3

You can track the progress of Pirates of the Polygon Sea Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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