It’s been a while since I’ve seen a browser-based game on Kickstarter, but Tattered Weave caught my eye. Technically speaking it is a Browser-Based Virtual Community rather than a full on game, but it all falls under the same jurisdiction in my brain. What caught my eye originally was the goal of $5,900 which seems quite low for any sort of online game (usually because it costs money to run servers too) and I quite like the idea.


Essentially, there was some apocalyptic event in the past and it seems as if only the town of Hope survived. Rather than focusing on the apocalypse, Tattered Weave seems to be more focused on rebuilding, which is an interesting perspective. I think a lot of games handle what happens during the apocalypse, but less focus on the rebuilding. Anyway, there are a number of things I do like, but I don’t think I will be playing it. Tattered Weave really seems to fall into the same category as Neopets or Gaia online. You befriend these little creatures called Kiths and feed them etc and I feel like it is marketed to a younger age group. Im kind of surprised funding is going so well because the thought that comes to mind when seeing the game is that it seems aimed at a younger audience, but that audience isn’t on Kickstarter (or doesn’t have money) so I’m would be curious to know the age range of the backers.

Tattered Weave

Kith are like pets that evolve depending on how you treat them

Since the game is more a community it’ll have the usual forums and messaging features in addition to the game itself.  I like that the clothes aren’t gender-locked, I think that’s a nice subtle way to be inclusive to the LGBT community (also guys in pinks shirts are hot, just sayin’). The only real put-off I find is that I noticed one of the rewards was a ‘premium Kith’ which reminded me of what browser-games use to make money: Micro-transactions. Free-to-play games kind of bother me especially if they are swamped with micro-transactions so I do try and avoid them. Still, if that doesn’t bother you then do check out Tattered Weave’s Kickstarter and comment your opinions down below.

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