Vigor Roads is a MMO that blends furious gunplay with monstrous armored vehicles to create a jam-packed, “dynamic” action and racing game. Developed by NeuronHaze, it’s currently seeking $25,000 and has raised roughly $7,000, with well over three weeks left to go. The combination of vehicle combat and racing reminds me heavily of another Kickstarter campaign, Racing Apex, which unfortunately failed, and quite miserably at that.


This game looks much more promising though, especially in the graphics department. Where Racing Apex wanted to throw back to the 90’s arcade racer polygon shell, Vigor Roads is instead employing a much newer engine (if you’ll forgive the pun) to shoot for more realistic and enticing visuals.


The game’s got a futuristic “Mad Max” style, as NeuronHaze has described it in their Kickstarter campaign. Not only does it show off some rugged, pimped out four-wheeled machines—the trailer is pretty banging as well. The two minute video has a cinematic feel to it, with swooping camera angles, explosions and even a spandex-wearing lady mechanic. The game plans to incorporate a wealth of game modes, from regular circuit racing to “survival” mode where you fend off wave after wave of “Crawlers”, scary spidery creatures also featured in the trailer. Fortnite, anyone?

The cinematic trailer looks wicked enough, but I’d still like to see some more gameplay and a more in-depth story description. I’d also advise Neuronhaze to post half as many Kickstarter updates as they have been doing so far—ten updates in three days is a too sore a sight for my eyes.vigorroads2

Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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Felix Wong