Talented game developer Donald Macdonald, creator of walking simulator Niten, recently reached out to inform me of the launch of a fellow developer’s campaign. Donald’s friend is one of the five members behind Wolves of Ragnarok Studio, a team that is currently working on a grid-based tower defense fantasy game entitled Cleave. Only a few days into its Kickstarter, the studio’s campaign hasn’t gained much traction—close to zilch, in fact—and it might seem like all hope is lost were it not for the game’s low funding goal of £3,000.cleave2

With some stronger social media coverage and added support from fellow friends and family, Cleave may start to see some progress on the funding front. Their trailer showcases a few of the faction leaders in the game, which are rendered in this old-school, cartoony vibe albeit with this endearing look about them. There are thirty individual territories that three factions will fight over in the vein of popular board game RISK. Although the project isn’t full fleshed out yet, in the Kickstarter trailer you can catch a glimpse of the grid-based combat which resembles some variation on virtual chess with soldiers, mages and the like. The money will go towards building “upon the solid structure that [they’ve] already established”, as well as “new modes, better functions and even multiplayer.”


There’s no doubt in my mind that some much-needed press coverage can help nudge Wolves of Ragnarok’s Cleave in the right direction.

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