With less than 5 days to go, post-apocalyptic reality sim Edengrad requires some much-needed assistance from the gaming community in order to reach its goal of £39,000. Only the gaming gods really know why developer Huckleberry Games has raised a mere quarter of the funds it’s asking for; but as a games journalist, I can speculate. edengrad2

First off, it’s a post-apocalyptic MMO, as I mentioned previously. It boasts town building, item crafting and “deep social and economical simulation.” Fallout, anyone? Well, Fallout as an MMORPG. Browsing through the Kickstarter videos, I’d even dare to draw a parallel between the graphics of Edengrad and say, an unmodded early Fallout, which is saying something, as the game’s budget is only £39,000. The town-building mechanic is not present in that of the Fallout series, at least not before Fallout 4, and shelter building is a tried and true concept in the realm of MMORPGs—I’m thinking Rust and ARK: Survival.edengrad1

The combat system looks pretty fleshed out, with some satisfying gunplay and some mutated monsters to boot; from husky beady-eyed bears to hordes of slimy scorpions. I imagine that launching an expedition with a few buddies would be quite a blast; I’d certainly be one to give it a whirl. There’s still reason to be optimistic, as the game’s campaign doesn’t end for another few days, but if I worked PR at Huckleberry Games I’d definitely not shy away from a last-minute social media push (shove?) and some lengthy Kickstarter updates. It’ll have to be a quantam effort; crowdfunding is not for the faint of heart or the weak of will.

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