Ever since I saw The Eyes of Ara launch on Kickstarter I knew that this was a game that I had to play. It looked great, had an interesting premise, and it most certainly invoked the feeling of playing a “Myst clone”. And based off the screenshots and videos alone I just can’t wait until the game is finally released to the public. Which, according to the update, is July 19. Just under a month away.

The Eyes of Ara

What’s blown me away about The Eyes of Ara, though, would have to be that this is essentially a one man operation and that it’s being released only about a year after the Kickstarter ended. While I didn’t give enough to gain access to the Beta builds (which I’m kicking myself for not doing) what has been released for public consumption looks like it rivals some bigger projects with bigger teams. How it plays versus how it looks remains to be seen, but we don’t have that long of a wait before it’s in our proverbial hands. And I can’t wait.

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