I’m always on the lookout for a good adventure game with an interesting story but I’m especially excited when I see one with some unique gameplay. Moonburnt Studio will be launching their Kickstarter forĀ Columnae on July 7 and according to the press release that I got for it they promise not just a sort of dystopian tale about society after some apocalyptic event but also a unique feature called “retrocausality” that affects both the protagonist’s past as well as future.


The trailer forĀ Columnae looks like it’ll be worth at least checking out if not outright backing as it sounds similar to other stories where the “well-to-do” live in the pretty city above the clouds while the lesser off are forced to live quite lower to the ground. But until we get to know more when the campaign launches that’s pretty much all we know right now. I know that I look forward to learning more about it when it goes live later this week.

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