While I love pretty much any kind of adventure game, especially if it tells a story that I’m interested in, sometimes a title comes along that has a unique gameplay element that makes me take notice. In the case of Columnae, this is something they’re calling “retrocausality”. More on that in a moment though.


ColumnaeĀ is basically your standard point and click fare telling the story of a dystopian steampunk society. That alone is enough to back but it’s the aforementioned unique ability that really sold me.


“Retrocausality” is basically just a fancy term for saying that your actions in one chapter affects events in future chapters. The difference between this and your standard linear story is that you’ll be playing these chapters essentially out of order. You’re not progressing down a specific path. For instance, you’ll be playing the fourth chapter first, then the first, third, and so on. Yeah, a bit confusing but at least they’ve got an example that helps to clarify things a bit in the pitch.


Columnae comes with an interesting story about class, corruption, and other good things that come from a dystopian tale, but it’s so much more than that. The way that your actions affect both your past as well as your future has me quite intrigued into how they’ll manage to weave such a web of complexity and how well they can pull it off. Even though it sounds way too elaborate for their asking price I also want to see if they can do it. For that alone I’m in on this one. The setting doesn’t hurt, either.


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