Another Monday means another episode of the award winning Cliqist series – Kicked! This week’s episode is all about Kingdom Come Deliverance, an RPG with a unique twist. Well, it shouldn’t be unique at all, but in the world of video games it’s about as unique as they come.

You see, Kingdom Come is an RPG, but it’s not a fantasy or science fiction game. Instead, its set in a real world setting free of magic, dragons, aliens, and space ships. Imagine Skyrim but minus all the fantasy (and also good).

Instead of Narnia or the deep void of space, the setting is instead the 1403 Kingdom of Bohemia. The game is set during a civil war. You play the son of a blacksmith, and it’s up to you to avenge your family’s death, become a thief or a traitor, or just run around naked.
kingdomcome2It’s amazing to think how few RPG’s actually use the contemporary setting. If it’s not some science fiction wonderland or fantasy realm, it’s a JRPG set in some mad alternate universe. In that respect, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a breath of fresh air, even compared to hotly anticipated RPG’s like Persona 5.

But the realism doesn’t stop there. Watch our video and discover how developer Warhorse is using an extreme level of realism and historical authenticity to make Kingdom Come something truly special.

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