I’m all for games with interesting concepts and gameplay but sometimes a title comes around that might be trying to do too much in one go. While I love the idea behind Serment – Contract With a Devil they’re also promising a lot of different gameplay elements. Which while a cool idea it could be that such a small group is going to be in over their heads with everything.


All that said, the video provided does show that they’re trying. There is a demo but I have yet to try it out so hopefully my fears of “too much in the soup” can be laid to rest when I do. The thing here is that they’re making a visual novel/first person dungeon crawler hybrid with crafting and resource management with some mini-games like fishing all in one package.

That said, I do love the idea of four girls getting resurrected by the devil but instead of their immortal soul she demands payment in cash. Sounds like Lucifer’s getting more progressive with time. Did I mention that Lucifer is also a cute girl in and of herself? And it appears from the video that her assistant helps out with the protagonist to get the gold needed to pay off her debt.


Which means that there might be some yuri love if you’re into that sort of thing. If not, you don’t have to pursue that angle. All in all, Serment looks like a great game but without playing the demo there’s little incentive to back this beyond some cute girls on the screen. And an interesting dungeon crawl.

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